Old Rosie Centenary

Celebrating her 100 th birthday this year, Old Rosie is the name given to Westons Cider’s Aveling and Porter steam roller called "Old Rosie; Rosie the Cider Girl” after the Laurie Lee book, ‘Cider with Rosie’.

Old Rosie is a single cylinder Road Roller, completed in 1921 and weighing in at over 12.5 tonnes. She will go about 3 MPH on the flat…if you’re lucky!

Strong, reliable and so loved by everyone in the Westons family that one of their bestselling ciders was also named in her honour.

She has her own song, famously recorded by The Wurzels in 2017 who also recorded their promotional video playing by Old Rosie in the Westons Cider Mill yard and orchards. They also made the advert based on the song, which you’ll hear every hour on Steam Fair FM!

Celebrate Old Rosie’s 100 th birthday with 20% off your Old Rosie cider order!

Westons Cider and Steam Fair FM are raising a glass to Old Rosie in celebration of her long history with Cider and Steam and offering listeners 20% off all Old Rosie products pre-ordered from the Westons Cider website from 1st August – 20th August; in time to enjoy a glass or several whilst tuning in to Steam Fair FM from the 26th August and over the bank holiday weekend.The offer includes glassware too!

Just go to www.westons-cider.co.uk , and at the checkout enter the special code GDSF 2021 (from 1 st – 20 th August only)

Old Rosie herself will enjoy her birthday with a rest year, but looks forward to returning to GDSF in 2022.