Listen Online Now

1. Listen through Your Default Audio Player

Clicking this link will open your default audio player and connect to the Steam Fair FM stream.

2. Listen through Tune In Player

Click the button below to listen through your web browser with no additional software. Opens in a new window, and will continue to play if you leave this page.

3. Listen through your Smartphones and Other Devices

For listening through your Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices (tvs etc) we recommend the TUNE IN APP. Sonos systems also use Tune-In.

Once installed, search for “Steam Fair FM” , connect and save to "My Profile", you can then return easily whenever you want to listen. The station is also listed on the database for Roberts “Stream” radios.

4. Listen through Alexa and Google Play

Command : “Play Steam Fair FM on Tune-In”

Alternatively you can manually add the URL stream to the application of your choice, copy and paste the address below: